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Strip Club


Prices Vary


3 Days 10AM-2PM (Once a month)

It's not what you think but be sure, it's a heck of a lot of fun!

We pick a different pattern every month that uses 2 1/2" strips or a "jelly roll". Sometimes we use a special tool like the Strip Tube Ruler or other rulers or templates that utilize 2 1/2" strips. Check each month's link below to see what project we'll be making each month and what will be required for class.

Required Supplies-

Basic Sewing Supplies

Hanging Gardens Pattern

Fabric Requirements for Preferred Size

(If you need some help putting together fabrics, come by the shop and we'll help you out!)


Make sure all of your preliminary cutting is done for the size you'd like to make.

Please make sure to check our Basic Sewing Supply list and the Class Agreement.

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