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Sewing Stars


Prices Vary


Saturdays or 3 Day Summer Workshop

Ages 8-13 workshops and Saturday sewing to begin their sewing adventure.

Our Sewing Stars program is for kids ages 8-13 who are interested in learning the art of sewing. We will cover safety in the sewing room, basic sewing machine terms and use.

We offer two opportunties for them to learn:

  • 1 day Saturday workshop first Saturday of the month.

  • 3 day course where the kids will be creating 3 projects over the 3 days of learning. (just during the summer)

We provide sewing machines for use during class so no need to lug Grandma’s old machine into the shop! We will provide machine’s, thread and fabric! Just a few more supplies are needed:

  1. Fabric scissors- scissors that are sharp and can easily cut through fabric.

  2. Seam Ripper- preferably new as seam rippers can dull over time.

  3. Pins- make sure pins are sharp and not “ballpoint”.

  4. Fabric marking pencil/pen- something that will go away with water or heat.

  5. Measuring tape- We’ll be learning to measure and mark our fabrics!

We will have an optional kit available that will include all of the above for $25. If you would like to reserve a kit for your Star, please let us know at time of sign-up!

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